TERMISIL glass is an unique borosilicate glass, with higher mechanical and thermal resistance than standard soda-lime glass.


People are the most important for us. Every day, they create a unique atmosphere in our company. Its uniqueness results from a combination of teamwork and striving to achieve the best possible result. We are well aware that it is thanks to people that we can perpetuate our development strategy. We want our employees to be proud of working for TERMISIL Huta Szkła Wołomin S.A., of the dishes which we produce and of our values.
In pursuit of continuous improvement of our company, all the time we look for creative and courageous people who will join the ranks of our employees, for people who are passionate about everything they do, who, through their honest work and respect for colleagues, customers and business partners, will become a part of our work culture. Who, together with us, will seek better solutions which affect health, give joy and positive, inspiring energy. Solutions that will make life easier.
Men learn fastest through experience gained during their daily work. With us, you can use the opportunity to work with experts in the industry and work on the best products on the market.
We currently employ more than 300 people. See if you are interested in work in one of the following sectors.
Currently we are recruiting for the following departments:
Production and planning department.
Planning is one of the basic functions of company management, which involves all its levels. The production plan determines company demand for final products, taking into account planning periods and quantity. Production and planning department deals with determining objectives, making analysis of the current situation of the company, designing schedules and action plans. The tasks of this department also include supervision of the available production lines. It is composed of mechanical and electrical engineers responsible for ensuring continuous operation and maintenance of the machines.
Marketing department 
One of the key departments the activities of which permeate the whole process of organisation management. The task of the employees of this department is to get to know the market and the doings of our competitors. Their duties also include making company's products gain attention of customers, which is why it is this department that deals with all sorts of advertising and promotional activities. The R&D section provides new designs and prototypes of new products; its employees must be endowed with great creativity, skills enabling good analysis of the situation and knowledge of the industry market. It is because the duties of the marketing team also include studying of the company's range of products, conducting research and analyses. This department provides data about the whole business environment, about possibilities and opportunities, but also risks. Diligent creative marketers build customer confidence not only for products, but also for the brand itself.
Sales department
Employees of this department are responsible for selling products directly to customers, while controlling the whole process to a large extent. Sales people provide mutual communication between the company and its customers, they listen to them and evaluate their needs, they offer solutions, help to solve problems, reply to submitted comments, and provide long-term, continuous customer service. They are a link between the company and its customers. It is mainly due to good relations with customers that the company has a chance to develop and, as a consequence, to succeed!
HR department
Employees of this department assist the board in all matters relating to personnel management, such as recruitment, organisation of training, career development, staff evaluation, procedures concerning personnel issues, etc. This is a place for those who like to work with people and for people, who do not easily fall into conflict, who are able to listen, analyse, and draw conclusions.
Accounting department
The task of this department is, among others, to keep the accounts and to file them, to prepare financial statements, to manage company bookkeeping, to run VAT records, to prepare tax statements and settlement of their staff. Workers carry out the accounting department publications and to account business trips of the employees. The primary objective of the department is to optimise the company's activities in terms of economy.
IT department
This department is responsible for the development of systems and IT infrastructure related to the functioning of the company, both in merchandise management, sales and delivery system. Employees of this department deal with ensuring the proper functioning of information systems across the entire enterprise, including supporting software users within the Glassworks. To do all of that, the IT staff identifies needs of the employees in the field of workstations equipment and provide an opinion on the purchase of equipment and software for the company.
In addition, the responsibilities of the IT department include supervising the technical and operational efficiency of computer hardware, in particular its on-going maintenance and repairs, as well as training and coaching staff of the office in using computer hardware, office applications and implemented systems. 
Administration and Safety department
The duties of the employees of this department include ensuring appropriate conditions of hygiene and safety in the workplace. It is after all the basis for the smooth functioning of the production. The employees prepare the implementation of measures aimed at reducing the number of accidents through on-going inspections, ensuring that health and safety rules and regulations are strictly complied with on every shift. They make sure that the employees use personal protective equipment and they analyse circumstances and causes of any accident that occurred in all organisational units of the Glassworks.